Resilience Coaching:

Resilience is the learned ability to bounce back-and-forward in times of personal tribulations like stress, trauma and other emotional difficulties. Specific skills are necessary to help a person to self-regulate, to take on self-protection actions and to take control to persevere…

…from poor to effective coping…

…to improve in those skills that can help you to survive difficulties in more healthy ways. Building resilience is meant for everyone. You can learn to be content and experience meaning under the most difficult circumstances.

The best time for learning resilience is during the good times of your live when you are not highly stressed or traumatized. However, if you are suffering difficulties now, you can immediately start to learn and practice resilience skills.

– Emotional Skills
– Coping Skills

  • Thinking Skills
  • Relationship Skills
  • Meaning-making Skills

Fee for individuals
N$500.00 per session of 1 to 1½ hours

Fee for couples
N$600.00 per session of 1 to 1½ hours

Fee for families from 3 to 5
N$2,250 per session of 1 to 1½ hours

Fee for small groups between 6 and 12
N$350.00 p/p per session of 1 to 1½ hours

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